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Pump Repair

Repair of any kind of industrial fluid pumps.  

Pump Rental 

When weather, fire and other unpredictable events disable your infrastructure minutes can matter, when you have an emergency situation resulting in the need for temporary pump rental. We respond 24/7 to get the equipment you need delivered and operational as quickly as possible. 

Pump Installations

Our engineering team is able to adapt to your installation needs from remote facilities to multi site labor stations. 

Vibration Analysis Rotating Equipment

When your company is in machinery-intensive industries such as oil and gas production, hydrocarbon processing, electric power generation, pulp & paper, water and waste water treatment, you are familiar with the maintenance needs of turbomachinery equipment. Epump Solutions LLC Advanced Rotating Equipment Vibration Analysis Services employs state-of-the-art data collection and advanced modeling techniques that enable us to quickly identify current machinery malfunctions.

Preventive Maintenance Pump Systems

Preventative maintenance is any variety of scheduled maintenance to a pump or other piece of equipment. Generally, it includes scheduled routine maintenance, such as equipment calibration, greasing, oil change, and analysis. We are ready for you.

Commissioning Pumps

During a Epump Solutions LLC , we thoroughly check all aspects of your pump installation to make sure that it is ready to run. Our specialists can commission virtually any type of pump system. We carefully inspect your system and always check the following. Your system and pumps are fully compatible, all pumps are correctly installed and aligned, the system has been tested and is ready to go.

Constant Pressure Systems

Epump Solutions LLC sells, services and installs constant pressure water systems for customers who are served by public (city) water and customers who are served by private wells. Constant Pressure water systems are used by many customers to upgrade the water pressure for irrigation systems, household plumbing fixtures, body showers, and water treatment systems.

Sewage Water Pump Station Services

We are lift station experts, knowing any stoppage is serious and can also impact public health, disrupt normal business and impair relationships with tenants or their quests. In many areas, a local health inspector could be notified if a failure occurs. The failure of the lift station requires a specialty expert to respond quickly and diagnose the cause and that is when Epumps Solutions LLC will be ready to serve, repair or create from scratch when your project requires it. 

Well Pump Station Services

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